HCEMM-BRC Metabolic Systems Biology Research Group


Experimental microbial evolution and synthetic biology: Csaba Pál and György Pósfai (BRC, Szeged)

Statistical genetics: Zoltán Kutalik (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Functional genomics and systems biology: Markus Ralser (The Francis Crick Institute, UK), Uwe Sauer (ETH, Zurich), Charles Boone and Brenda Andrews (University of Toronto), Stephen G. Oliver (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge), Frank Holstege (University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht), István Nagy (BRC, Szeged)

High-content microscopy and image analysis: Péter Horváth (BRC, Szeged)

Computational systems biology: Richard A. Notebaart (Wageningen University), Laurence D. Hurst (University of Bath), Martin J. Lercher (Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf)

Immunology: Máté Manczinger and Lajos Kemény (University of Szeged and HCEMM)

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