Infectious Diseases with special emphasis on Co-Morbidities

Infectious Diseases with special emphasis on Co-Morbidities

Three of HCEMMs Research Pillars are focused on non-infective chronic diseases, which are the main causes of non-natural death in Hungary. Often, these conditions (e.g. cancers, heart diseases or immuno-degenerative diseases) are made worse in the end stages due to infectious diseases. This includes bacterial infections, such as sepsis or pneumonia, viral infections (for example COVID-19) and fungal infections (e.g. fungal sepsis). HCEMM groups are working on the accurate and early diagnosis of such co-morbidities and also on the creation of new treatment options, which complement the already established treatment regimes. This is especially important in areas, where the current treatment does not work, for example when patients are infected by antibiotic-resistant strains.

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Dr. Christoph W. Sensen

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