Company Team

Dr. Christoph W. Sensen

Director General / Chief Executive Officer

Kata Arany

Project Manager
(Equality and Diversity Officer)

Mónika Domoki PhD

Scientific Training Officer (Public Procurement Assistant)

Janka Ferenczi

Project Manager

Flóra Farkasné Mikola

Financial Referent

Barbara Herczeg

Chief Financial Officer

Ernő Homolya

IT Manager

Endre Jójárt

Business Development Officier

Nóra Kiss

Communications and PR Manager

Dr. Viktória Papp

Data Protection Officer

Éva Pintér

Chief Accountant

Rita Reinhoffer

HR Manager

Dr. Bertalan Rövid

Legal Officer

Ferenc Simon

Purchase Officer

Bianka Szopkóné Kulcsár


Barbara Vajda

Back Office Manager

Dr. Anna Zseni LL. M.

Chief Operating Officer
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