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We are happy to announce the inauguration of our new Incubator House!

11 January 2022

The HCEMM Core Facilities were rewarded with a certificate of recognition as an excellent research infrastructure in Hungary.

17 December 2021

HCEMM PhD Symposium – 10-11 November 2021. Successful two days event with our Group Leaders and their PhD students in Siófok.

11 November 2021

Now and almost two months ago the Incubator House

4 November 2021

11th International Symposium on cell/tissue injury and cytoprotection/organoprotection joint meeting of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

3 November 2021

HCEMM Advanced Core Facility Heads in EMBL Heidelberg on 13 October 2021. Our Advanced Core Facility Heads Domokos Máthé, Zsuzsanna Darula and Ferhan Ayaydin visited the EMBL core facilities in Heidelberg.

13 October 2021

Our delegation visited the EMBL on 27-28 September 2021 in Heidelberg

28 September 2021

The incubator house at the end of July

29 July 2021

Our Director General, Christoph W. Sensen met with EMBL Director General Edith Heard as well as several EMBL representatives and took part in a tour of the scientific facilities at the EMBL Heidelberg site.

25 July 2021

HCEMM Group Leader – SAP Retreat

21 June 2021

The incubator house in the middle of May

19 May 2021

In Szeged the new incubator house is evolving day by day!

22 April 2021

We are happy to share Budapest Business Journal’s interview with our DG/CEO, Christoph W. Sensen

8 April 2021

Incubator House renovation started in December 2020

1 January 2021

December 2020: Dr. Christoph W. Sensen has joined HCEMM as the new Director General and the Chief Executive Officer. Welcome!

1 December 2020

Prof. Dr. László Palkovics, the Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology, visited the headquarters of EMBL in January 2020

1 January 2020




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