HCEMM-BRC Single Cell Omics Advanced Core Facility

Advanced Core Facility Introduction

Advanced Core Facility Description

Head of ACF: Zsuzsanna Darula PhD

The mission of the HCEMM Single Cell Omics ACF is to provide high quality proteomics and lipidomics services to HCEMM research groups, academia and industrial partners.

The facility is equipped with high resolution mass spectrometers suitable for a broad range of proteomics applications including protein identification, relative protein quantification, phosphorylation analysis, and identification of protein interacting partners using co-immunoprecipitation. Characterization of purified proteins, de novo peptide sequencing, protein crosslinking experiments and molecular mass determination of purified single-protein samples are also available upon request.  High-pH chromatographic fractionation for more comprehensive analysis of complex biological samples is also available. We also provide help in study design and perform data analysis and storage.

As a unique service in Hungary, the Lipidomics service offers comprehensive shotgun lipidomic analysis with identification and quantification of hundreds of lipid species including principal phospholipid, sphingolipid and neutral lipid classes. The chip-based robotic delivery system ensures cross contamination-free, high throughput measurements from a wide variety of samples such as yeasts, insects, cell cultures, several tissues, organs and biofluids. We provide both absolute and relative quantifications of the lipidome from sample amounts routinely processed in the everyday laboratory and clinical practice but downscaling up to a few cells is also possible.

Single cell isolation and transcriptomic analyses will also be offered soon.


Mass spectrometry

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer with ETD (Thermo)

High resolution, high mass accuracy tribrid linear ion trap-quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer with CID, HCD and ETD dissociation techniques and MSn capabilities.

Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer (Thermo)

High resolution, high mass accuracy hybrid linear ion trap-Orbitrap mass spectrometer with CID and HCD dissociation techniques and MSn capabilities.

Liquid chromatography

Waters MClass nano-UPLC

Nano LC System interfaced directly to the Orbitrap Elite for LC-MS/MS

Waters nanoAcquity UPLC

Nano LC System interfaced directly to the Orbitrap Elite for LC-MS/MS

Offline sample fractionation

semi-micro (Jasco) and micro (Eldex)HPLC systems

Other sample introduction

Advion Triversa Nanomate

Chip-based automated electrospray ionization module for direct infusion


            Protein Prospector, Proteome Discoverer, Byonic

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