Advanced Core Facilities

Advanced Core Facilities

A key component of the operational model for HCEMM is the co-development process of Advanced Core Facilities (ACF)aligned with the strengths of the founding institutions. The HCEMM ACF model will follow modus operandi of EMBL core facilities. The main goal is to assure that the infrastructure supporting the research projects of HCEMM are utilized optimally with a high measurement volume and low error rate. To achieve this, research groups will be encouraged to use the equipment of the ACFs instead of purchasing their own infrastructure. This will allow a highly efficient use of resources, avoid unnecessary duplications, improve the utilization of measurement capacities and thus lead to a higher expertise. Consequently, HCEMM can optimize costs due to bulk orders and contracted long-term maintenance of their equipment.

Given these aspirations the single most important purpose of ACFs is to offer a range of services tailored to the requirements of HCEMM researchers in a way that the efficiency of HCEMM’s research groups is increased in terms of excellence (output of high quality scientific papers) and sustainability (ability to generate income by competitive grants, spin-offs and technology transfer). Nonetheless, while the ACFs will dominantly provide service for research groups engaged in the previously described dedicated research focus areas, they will simultaneously, serve as an EU-level infrastructural, competence, and training base that offers its capacities for any Hungarian and EMBL partner researcher as well as for external users.

Given this, ACFs offer clear benefits for researchers, such as:

  • experienced and highly educated staff members can help in setting up and executing experiments offer a large variety of research infrastructure that otherwise is not affordable for single research groups
  • infrastructure maintenance and renewal is covered by contracts with vendors
  • offer professional user management and pay per system usage

The ACFs will serve as a bridge between the research groups involved in technology development and future users who expect to utilize novel technology achievements in their mature form. The ACF network will build on the expertise of research groups, will operate in an efficient way, and its advanced technologies will be developed towards streamlining their utilization by a larger user base. We will make efforts to bring our ACF network into direct contact not only with the research groups on the high end of technology development but also with companies involved in the development of these technologies.

The ACFs of HCEMM will be established in Szeged and Budapest in a manner that they offer a unique opportunity to build on the already existing facilities. Furthermore, complementarity and synergism between the ACFs would be assured to maximally serve focused research efforts, development of parallel structures will be avoided.

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