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Other winning Teaming projects include:

The ANTARES project aims to evolve BioSense Centre at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, into a European Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.

The Centre of Advanced Material Research and Technology Transfer – CAMART² is a project of Latvian and Baltic Sea Region significance, with high capacity for commercialization and the capability to collaborate effectively in the international research and innovation market.

The Discoveris CTR project in aims to lay the foundations of a multipolar distributed research centre in Portugal in the area of regenerative and precision Medicine, named the Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine.

The objective of the EPIC project is to establish the Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control (EPIC CoE) in Hungary as a leading, internationally acknowledged focus point in the field of cyber-physical production systems representing excellence in RDI.

The FunGlass project aims to upgrade the existing Centre of excellence for ceramics, glass and silicate materials (CEKSiM) in Trenčín, Slovakia, to internationally recognized Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glasses (FunGlass) focusing on cutting edge research in the area of glasses with special functional properties and functionalization of conventional glasses to modify their properties and add new functionalities.

The HiLASE center is a part of the Institute of Physics, the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The present research programme of the Institute comprises five branches of physics: particle physics, the physics of condensed matter, solid state physics, optics and plasma physics.

The underlying concept of the InnoRenew project is to develop and operate a new Centre of Excellence, the InnoRenew CoE, that will conduct cutting edge scientific research related to renewable materials utilisation, develop industrially relevant applications of scientific developments and innovations, support businesses in their implementation of RDI activities and outcomes, and liaise with policy makers to direct more support to companies and research in the forest sector.

The KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence is a strategic partnership between the University of Cyprus, the leading university in Cyprus, and Imperial College London in the U.K., one of the most respected universities in the world. The Centre conducts cutting-edge multidisciplinary research and innovation in the area of Information and Communication Technologies with emphasis on the Monitoring, Control, Security and Management of Critical Infrastructure Systems.

The overall objective of PlantaSYST project is to establish a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (CPSBB) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, as a joint initiative of three Bulgarian research institutes located in Plovdiv (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, and the Stefan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology, Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology) and two institutes located in Potsdam, Germany (Potsdam University and Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology).

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