HCEMM – Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine –
conducts research in the field of life sciences with the best Hungarian and international researchers.

We are looking for a


to work in the HCEMM Incubator House Szeged, as follows:

We are searching for a highly motivated group member to support research in the development on non-invasive human diagnostic assays.

The ideal candidate will independently perform a variety of Bioinformatics analyses related to the study of microbiome and cancer. The position encompasses working with high- throughput DNA sequencing data (Illumina), mapping of DNA sequence reads to target genomes, clustering of DNA sequencing data, identification of disease-related patterns. The annotation of genomic information is also part of the work related to the assay development.

The successful candidate is expected to develop new Bioinformatics tools, maintain a UNIX- based Bioinformatics and Medicalinformatics high-performance computing environment and install and maintain databases and research data from international repositories as part of the work.


  • PhD in Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics or equivalent discipline
  • Sound mastering of the English language
  • Experience in the use and maintenance of UNIX servers
  • Experience in the installation and application of Bioinformatics software packages
  • Programming skills in C, C++, Perl or Python
  • Experience in the handling of large-scale biomedical data sets
  • Experience in the analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing experiments
  • Experience in the annotation of genomic data


Applicant should submit a cover letter, a CV, a detailed presentation of the professional experience to:

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