Chief Scientific Officer

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer

HCEMM is a rapidly growing Program for Translational Medicine in Hungary. The mandate of HCEMM is to conduct research and development in the field of Molecular Medicine. The main foci are chronic and infectious diseases impacting the healthy ageing of the Hungarian population. The HCEMM Program is managed by HCEMM Kft. with headquarters at the Incubator House located at Szeged Science Park. Currently HCEMM operates 20 Matching Groups, which are embedded at the locations of the HCEMM owners (Semmelweis University, the University of Szeged and the Biological Research Centre in Szeged) and three Advanced Core Facilities. At the Incubator House, there are currently four Core Research Groups (another one starting in September) with dedicated laboratories and office spaces, a fourth AFC (Scientific Computing) under development and the HCEMM Kft. Administration Team. More information about HCEMM can be found at

The HCEMM program is funded by an E.U. Teaming Grant, a NRDIO Thematic Excellence award and has been awarded National Laboratory status in 2020.

The advanced partner of HCEMM is the European Molecular Biological Laboratory (EMBL) with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. EMBL supports all aspects of the HCEMM establishment, including advice on the development of the program, support through access to EMBL’s core facilities and interactions between EMBL scientists and HCEMM researchers. EMBL also provides training for HCEMM staff on administrative and scientific topics.

We are looking for a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at the HCEMM headquarters, who will coordinate the interaction between the HCEMM Administration and the Research Groups and participate in the general management tasks of the HCEMM program. The CSO is expected to closely interact with EMBL on all aspects of the HCEMM development. The CSO is also entitled to establish and run a Core Research Group at the HCEMM headquarters, with a research topic related to healthy ageing.

Conditions required to occupy the position:

  • Doctoral Degree in Biomedical Sciences or Biotechnology or a related area

  • At least ten years of experience with managing a research group, as well as management experience of large-scale grants within scientific organizations, with at least 5 years of work experience in an international environment

  • Excellent awareness of the field of Molecular Medicine

  • Awareness of the political map of Europe in the field of large-scale research projects, and the short- and long-term concept in the area of translational molecular medicine

  • Management experience acquired preferably in a global institutional environment where different scientific and social cultures are connected

  • Proven experience in successful fundraising, program development, faculty recruitment and mentoring, and presentation of organizational management

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Negotiation skills at different levels (HCEMM Owners, Government, Industrial Partners)

  • Knowledge of EU research funding mechanism and the Hungarian research environment is an advantage

  • Excellent organizational skills and fluent command English orally and in writing and the ability to write and defend Grant applications on the national Hungarian and EU level.

Professional tasks of the HCEMM Chief Scientific Officer:

  1. Contribute to executing the scientific strategy of the HCEMM Program and ensure academic autonomy of the Centre of Excellence in accordance with the HCEMM EU Project, including in collaboration with the HCEMM partners in Hungary and EMBL; meaning the CSO:

  • is responsible for contributing to and supporting the implementation of the scientific direction and strategy of the HCEMM Program

  • provides scientific leadership and ensures that the company’s scientific efforts are in line with the overall goals and objectives as well as national and E.U. level objectives

  • ensures and actively supports the appropriate protection of the scientific discoveries and inventions in line with the regulations of HCEMM’s IP Policy and other governing rules and standards by reviewing IP disclosure documents and participating actively in the IP protection process (e.g., patenting)

  • identifies national and international research funding possibilities to increase the level of RDI funding, as part of the financial sustainability strategy

  • actively contributes to the preparation of grant applications on the national and international level, and is responsible for providing the necessary scientific support and overall direction to the applicants

  • represents the HCEMM in different scientific and industrial forums and conferences

  • is actively engaged with the scientific community, presents research findings, communicates scientific advancements and their impact to HCEMM stakeholders and others

  • prepares a progress and activity report every quarter to the DG/CEO and the leading bodies of the HCEMM

  • actively participates in the evaluation processes through the creation of the required reports that are mandatory within the HCEMM Program (currently for the E.C. Teaming Grant, National Laboratory and the Thematic Excellence award) in the preparation phase before the review, as well as participating during the review process and contributing to the subsequent follow-up actions.

  1. Support the DG&CEO of the HCEMM Project in coordinating the infrastructural developments, the selection of research teams and the assessment of their performance, meaning the CSO:

  • ensures the efficient and effective implementation of research projects that drive innovation and scientific excellence

  • contributes to the strategic planning processes with providing scientific insights and perspectives

  • participates in the budget planning and resource allocation for scientific projects and initiatives.

  1. Ensure integration and strategic alignment of scientific research at HCEMM across its four research pillars and chair the Scientific Integration Committee of the HCEMM Project, meaning the CSO:

  • manages the coordination of the research and development activities of the HCEMM Research Groups (Matching Groups, Core Groups and Advanced Core Facilities)

  • supports the HCEMM Groups throughout the preparation of large-scale grants (E.C. level as well as strategic National Grants) by reviewing draft applications and providing feedback to the applicants

  • evaluates scientific advancements and industry trends to identify opportunities for innovation as part of the scientific strategy

  • explores, establishes and manages external collaborations and partnerships (with academic institutions, research centers, industrial partners, etc.) to the benefit of all HCEMM Groups

  • contributes to the recruitment and retainment of excellent scientific personnel by identifying and attracting top scientists to HCEMM

  • provides mentorship for HCEMM researchers.

  1. Establish and run a Core Research Group in the field of Molecular Medicine, with special focus on the translational aspects, including the management of a research team, as follows:

  • conducting research and other scientific work with international recognition

  • planning, organizing, conducting and assessing researchers and publishing their results in international journals

  • continuous participation in domestic and international conferences and other scientific events

  • continuous participation in the domestic and international scientific life

  • continuing the existing and operational cooperation projects, domestic and international collaborations, establishing new collaborations

  • professional management of Hungarian (e.g., NRDIO, Hungarian Structural Funds) and international e.g., Horizon Europe); tenders, awarding new tenders

  • establishment and development of industrial relationships (collaborations, contractual R&D activity) for this Core Research Group

  • participation in the training, educational and upskilling work; participation in the graduate and postgraduate training (conducting lectures, practices and seminars), and announcement and management of PhD courses related to HCEMM

  • leading TDK and PhD students, degree thesis, counselling

  • participation in the outreach to the General Public via media outlets and social Internet channels.

Work full time at the HCEMM headquarters, Incubator House, Budapesti ut 9, 6728 Szeged, Hungary


Please submit your application (consisting of a CV and covering letter) to

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