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Animal House Manager - Animal House, H-CEMM

The aim of the call is to find a dedicated and passionate Animal House Manager who want to be a part of something new and ground-breaking called the Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine (H-CEMM).

We are seeking a dynamic individual to fill the position of the Animal House Manager at the Animal House, H-CEMM (located at NET Theoretical Building of Semmelweis University at Nagyvárad tér, Budapest).

Your role
You will be responsible for

  • Running the newly renovated Animal House as a core-facility service centre as well as other animal houses at Semmelweis University (from rodents to large animals)
  • Arranging and supervising the work of the animal care group,
  • Administration of the animal procurement and animal trade, including the data supply required by the applicable law,
  • Managing the „hotel services” in the animal house,
  • Handling room management in the animal house, including the possible rentals to external companies,
  • Providing graduate and post-graduate training and participating in research tasks (e.g.: animal house management, in the category of genetically modified animals, animal-models),
  • Establishing the animal related long-term training and research strategy with the managers of other animal houses at Semmelweis University,
  • Establishing the animal use policy at Semmelweis university.

Other responsibilities will include your involvement in the educational-tutorial (e.g. leading of field-work, classroom lecture, tutorship in scientific student association work, advanced training) and in the scientific work.

You have

  • University, Master’s Degree in life science,
  • scientific degree: doctorate, scientific candidate’s degree, doctor of sciences, scientific degree acquired abroad and domesticated or authenticated,
  • capable of conducting lecture in at least one world language, both in their own scientific field, and in the full thematic spectrum of the subjects taught,
  • at least 5 years teaching experience,
  • capable of managing, coordinating the education and scientific work of the students, the participants in the doctoral programme and the assistant professors,
  • in possession of acknowledged professional and scientific experiences,
  • leader or participant of any national or international, successfully received research grants,
  • shows exemplary behaviour to the students, the participants of the doctoral programme and all co-workers,
  • clean record and capacity to act.

The working language of H-CEMM is English. The expected language knowledge, type of language certificate for completing the scope of activities: fluent, active English knowledge, at least medium level, type „C” language certificate.

You may have

  • at least 5 years of animal house or animal testing experience,
  • at least 5 years of management experience.

Why join us

HCEMM was created by the University of Szeged, the Semmelweis University and the Biological Research Centre (host institutions). They are joined by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) as advanced scientific institution. H-CEMM focuses on and supports molecular medicine-oriented research activities targeting key, highly prevalent ageing-related non-communicable diseases. H-CEMM takes advantage of the EMBL Partnership Programme as well as the close institutional links with the host institutions. Physical presence of H-CEMM at the institutions will increase international networking and contribute to higher visibility and branding leading to elevating institutional rankings.

The Animal House is a supplement to the „In-vivo Imaging” Advanced Core Facility (ACF) at H-CEMM (located at Semmelweis University, Theoretical Building at Nagyvárad tér).

A key component of the operational model for H-CEMM is the co-development process of ACFs underlined by the cooperation of the host institutions and H-CEMM – therefore, it is aligned with the strengths of the host institutions. The H-CEMM ACF model will follow modus operandi of EMBL core facilities. The main goal is to assure that the infrastructure supporting the research projects of H-CEMM are utilized optimally with a high measurement volume and low error rate.
The ACFs will dominantly provide service for research groups engaged in the previously described dedicated research focus areas, they will simultaneously, in accordance with the ACF concept, serve as an EU-level infrastructural, competence, and training base that offers its capacities for any Hungarian and EMBL partner researcher as well as for external user.

Technical notes

Please visit for more details related to H-CEMM (Synopsis of H-CEMM ), to the positions (Description of positions) and to the ACFs (Technical description of the ACFs).

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a CV, a detailed presentation of the professional experience as a single PDF file, to by 6 July, 2020. Please also arrange for a letter of recommendation to be also emailed to by the same deadline.
Please note that the tentative date of the personal interviews for selected candidates is August, 2020.
For any further detail, please contact both , and

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